Monday, March 10, 2014

What's Op?

I love optical art. When I was growing up, my dad had op-art coloring books, and his favorite color scheme was yellow and black. I wanted to color as well as my dad, but at age five, you can guess how well that worked for me. I took two art classes in high school, and the only part I excelled at was optical illusions. Well, that and weaving. Don't ask about ceramics; that was, let's just say... a mess. However, drawing lines in all directions and then coloring them in such a way that made my eyes cross was such a thrill!

Now, imagine my enthusiasm discovering this dress. I do believe I squealed when I saw it. I knew right away that I had to pair it with a bright yellow purse for the ultimate contrast. Thanks, Dad!

Dress: Tbags Los Angeles, via Gwynnie Bee
Shoes: Gabriella Rocha
Hosiery: Hanes
Clutch: Melie Bianco
Necklace: Amazon

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