Friday, March 28, 2014

I Am Not Smarter Than a 4th Grader

Seriously. I had completely forgotten how to convert fractions to decimals without doing long division. Oddly, I remember how to do long division. When my son's 4th grade teacher showed me the conversion shortcut (multiplying up to a more easily divisible number), I was like, "Ohhhhh, yeah. I totally remember that now." *cough* Right.

I volunteered at my sons' school this week. I'm going to roll two outfits into one post. It's my own blogging shortcut. Let's just pretend that these two looks are somehow similar and part of the highly sartorial world of elementary school volunteering. The first look got compliments from the teachers, and the second outfit was popular among 4th graders. You know, it is a bit more youthful. One budding 10 year old fashionista declared the mix of seafoam green and cobalt a "surprising but pretty combination." Hire this woman, Elle!

Ruched Knit Top: NorthStyle

Celestial Skirt: J. Peterman

Shoes: City Classified

Vegan Clutch: Urban Expressions

Necklace: thrifted

Pullover Sweater: NorthStyle

Bolt Print Jeans: Torrid

Flats: DBDK Fashion

Necklace: Target

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Dot Dot Dash

I am so giddy I have an outfit for these pumps! For high heels, they're really comfortable. The dress is another Gwinnie Bee loan, and I'm really enjoying my membership so far. They have pants for rent now, but I'm not too sure I want to borrow things like jeans. We'll see. The evenings are so beautiful here, and this was a perfect Saturday night out. I'm a train ride away from Oakland and San Fran (I enjoy the latter much more); in fact, I almost requested my husband do the photo shoot on the train. My confidence isn't quiiiiiiiiiite there yet, though!


Dress: Taylor Woman, via Gwynnie Bee

Shoes: 2 Lips Too

Pashmina: Walmart

Silver Cuff: Target

Friday, March 14, 2014

Plaid To Be Here

Pretty soon it's going to be too warm to wear this outfit during the day, so I'm wearing the heck out of it now. The dress has pockets. POCKETS! I know it's not feasible for every dress, but I still think pockets need to be a regular feature on more dresses. I don't know what's going on with my hair. I was mostly trying to get it off my neck and out of my face. Plus, it's day-old hair and I can't wear it down. I have to run errands this afternoon, and I've decided I'm just rolling with the messy 'do. It's Friday and I can't make myself care. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Dress: Simply Be

Cardigan: Dress Barn

Leggings: Faded Glory

Flats: Xappeal

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Birds Remind Me

I was reluctant, but I finally decided to jump on the '90s fashion revival bandwagon. This is something I easily could have worn in high school, right down to the dress's bird print. I'm also digging the metal zipper; I like little details like an interesting zipper. The oxfords are my favorite part; they conjure up so much nostalgia for all those chunky 1990s shoes! Should I get a pair of creepers next? Hmm....

Dress: Simply Be
Tights: Tabbisocks
Shoes: Jellypop

Monday, March 10, 2014

What's Op?

I love optical art. When I was growing up, my dad had op-art coloring books, and his favorite color scheme was yellow and black. I wanted to color as well as my dad, but at age five, you can guess how well that worked for me. I took two art classes in high school, and the only part I excelled at was optical illusions. Well, that and weaving. Don't ask about ceramics; that was, let's just say... a mess. However, drawing lines in all directions and then coloring them in such a way that made my eyes cross was such a thrill!

Now, imagine my enthusiasm discovering this dress. I do believe I squealed when I saw it. I knew right away that I had to pair it with a bright yellow purse for the ultimate contrast. Thanks, Dad!

Dress: Tbags Los Angeles, via Gwynnie Bee
Shoes: Gabriella Rocha
Hosiery: Hanes
Clutch: Melie Bianco
Necklace: Amazon